Current Objects is a curated collection of architect*-designed objects. It is a publication of small things; a digital (and sometimes physical) store; a forum for experimentation, production, and extension of architectural practice and research.


THEME: Light/Dark
YEAR: 2024
STUDIO: Audrey Watkins
MATERIAL: Recycled tote bags, thread
QUALITIES: Recycled, Textile


The tote is ubiquitous in art and design culture. One part status symbol, one part marketing device, and one part handy bag, people collect and distribute totes similarly to how we used to distribute business cards. This has resulted in the Tote Tote, a bag full of bags many of us have stashed in our closets as different brands and images fall out of rotation, or when we encounter a freebie we don't need but just can't say no. Now we can have a new kind of tote tote: a tote that is a combination or reconstitution of other totes. This Tote Tote slows down the production of the tote, recycling the discards into a tote that only promotes its own tote-ness.