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THEME: Contain/Hold 
YEAR: 2023
STUDIO: Donna Mena, ohnodonna


21” x 21” silk

SCARF-SCARF is a limited-run scarf and bandana project exploring the relationship of garmentry and visual communication. The scarf, as seen through the lens of a statement piece made to capture an individual's attention, holds a vast amount of power in the contents that it chooses to display on its fabric. Inspired by the garment's capacity to entice and inform, SCARF-SCARF uses illustrations to education the public on topics that fall under the intersections of architecture and urbanism. Over the last year, SCARF-SCARF has produced 10 scarves focused on architectural themes.

This newest scarf, "SF Sea Level Rise", the first of a new series focused on the environmental and climate issues facing our world today. The illustration summarizes a lengthy and link-heavy assessment produced by SFPlanning showcasing SF's vulnerability zone as effected by SRL. The article is informative and a good reference for the public's knowledge but, it's not something that's widely known unless you do a Google search, "sea level rise SF map" like I did.

If we make important information more accessible to the public in a way thats off kilter, will they be more enticed to research on their own? How can we make information more accessible irl?